President’s Message

SRSFL President, David Hoffmann

SRSFL President, David Hoffmann

Thank you so very much for dropping by our website for a little virtual visit with our happy cross country skiing, snow shoeing and hiking family.  Whether you are a visually impaired participant or a sighted guide or volunteer.

We offer both day and overnight summer and winter outdoor activities for all levels of hikers, and cross country skiers.  We are particularly proud of the recent addition of the summer program which began last summer with two day hikes and has expanded this summer to include a three day overnight hiking trip to Clair Tappaan Lodge and an aquatic event.

No matter your level of experience with these activities, we have the trained guides and volunteers to make your experience both healthful and fun.  The hikes and the winter events offer beginner trails as well as more challenging excursions.  We encourage everyone to go at their own pace while enjoying the fresh air and assurance of safety and adventure.  Our guides and volunteers come to us with one thing in common, a wonderful and contagious spirit.  We have both sighted guides and visually impaired participants that have been with us for most or all of our 20+ years. Think about this for a moment. For many years, both sighted and visually impaired people such as yourself, come out time and time again, travel from near and far to be part of this wonderful experience.  I am confident that you too will find our excursions both healthfully and socially rewarding and will come back for more.  I encourage you to take a few moments to peruse the rest of this website, paying particular attention to the smiling faces in the pictures and the inspiring messages of our past participants.  I also very much welcome any inquiries you may have for me or our enthusiastic board and committee members.  You will find my email address linked to my name below and contact information for skier, guide, and volunteer coordinators on the corresponding pages of this website.  Please feel free to contact me or anyone else with your questions. If you know someone who might be interested in our events, please pass along this information. I particularly encourage you to do so, if you know a visually impaired youth or adult who may benefit from a little outdoor activity and the open, encouraging and socially cultivating environment we offer. As a guide or volunteer, you will receive both on and off snow training.  We are always in need of folks who just want a rewarding experience and to be part of an inspiring day in the life of a visually impaired person who is out enjoying life as it should be for all. Please take a moment to consider this last thought and what your participation would mean to you or others.

 David Hoffman, President, Sierra Regional Ski for Light