Ski Day Trip and Ski Guide Training Events 01/21 and 01/22 Are Canceled!

Deer in deep snow in my backyard!It is with sadness and frustration that we announce that our Ski Day Trip and Ski Guide Training events this weekend are cancelled due to weather.   The Truckee/Tahoe area is now under a continuous “Winter Storm Warning” until Monday, January 23rd.  Some of our drivers bringing skiers up from the bay area and Sacramento Valley do not have 4 wheel drive and are hesitant to drive others when chain requirements are on.  We also have several very young first or second time visually impaired (VIP) skiers signed up.  Skiing in a snow storm would not be a good experience for them.  On-the-Snow Guide training would be difficult in the cold heavy storm that is now predicted for Sunday.  It would be very difficult to teach someone how to guide a skier in tracks when there are no tracks!  We have another Saturday Day Trip scheduled  for Saturday, February 4th.  We will make every attempt to to reschedule our Classroom and On-the-Snow Guide Training on Saturday February 4th and Sunday, February 5th.  Stay tuned!

About Edie

I am a 72 year old female webmaster, avid cross country skier, kayaker and mountain biker. I do what I love and love what I do!
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