Our February 10th Day Trip and February 11th Guide Training are cancelled!! 

With great disappointment we are announcing that our February 10th Day Trip and February 11th Guide Training are cancelled!!  Well Tahoe Donner is almost closed. Today they are shuttling people out to the end of Alder creek Road so they can walk to the Sundance and Euer Valley trails as Pony Express and Northfork are not skiable!  Two days ago they were skiable!!  That’s how fast the snow is going.  Yesterday afternoon we skied Royal Gorge.  While they are in better shape than Tahoe Donner, dirt is beginning to show through in many places, especially near the lodge.  We have a week of sunny weather between now and the 10th with night temps not even below freezing, it will probably be in the same shape as Tahoe Donner by next Saturday.   Royal Gorge’s webcam this morning is showing many dirt spots.  With the warm weather they will grow quickly!  We need conditions that are safe for visually impaired skiers!  Do your snow dances for more snow by our March 3 Day Event!

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I am a 72 year old female webmaster, avid cross country skier, kayaker and mountain biker. I do what I love and love what I do!
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